Artero Dash Cover

The Artero Dash Cover upgrades any Fiero's interior to a new level of style and originality. The fiberglass shell is padded and covered with stitched vinyl. The dash fits over the stock Fiero dash without moving any gauges or panels. Simply remove the speaker covers and speakers, slide on the Dash Cover, put in 6 screws, and reinstall the speakers and speaker covers in the new Dash Cover. Installation takes approximately 60 minutes. Available in your choice of colors - the vinyl used on this product will match PISA's Leather Seat Covers and Euro Door Panels.

The Artero Dash Cover can be made to accommodate a glove box, or can be upholstered smooth across this area. The glove box is not included with the Dash Cover and must be ordered separately. Also, please specify if you have the GT gauges in your car.

Price - $750.00 plus shipping and handling.
Ships UPS - estimated shipping - $50.00