VDO Gauges

Our VDO gauge package includes seven gauges from the Cockpit International Series.

The Speedometer and Tachometer are both 3-3/8 inch diameter, while the remaining gauges are all 2-1/16 inch diameter. All gauges are black faced with white numbering and flood illumination in white, red, or green. The speedo is marked 120 mph / 200 kph (in orange) or 160 mph (please specify). The tachometer is 7000rpm and will function with 4/6/8 cylinder engines. The remaining gauges are:

New sending units for the oil pressure and water temperature are included.

The kit also includes two inch diameter green turn signal indicators, one inch diameter blue high beam indicator, two amber and two red LED indicators (for warning lights).

Digital Gauges

The digital gauges will work with any model or year Fiero. There are some differences, so the gauges are made for the specific application. The speedo goes to 250 mph and the tach to 9900 rpm ( and will work with a 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engine).