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The Artero is a unique exotic sports car designed by PISA. Its design revolves around a curvaceous wedge shape accented by aggressive air scoops, vents, and grills. The Artero kit is hand laid fiberglass with the exterior panels finished in gray primer gelcoat. The interior and finish panels are finished in black gelcoat. Aluminum grill work assemblies are painted black, ready for installation.

The Artero was engineered for easy installation and the estimated time to completion is 120 hours.

Many original Fiero parts are reused such as door handles, rear deck lid hinges, and other miscellaneous hardware. The Artero kit replaces all Fiero body panels except the front hood and roof. 84 Corvette tail lights are used.

No structural or mechanical modifications are required to the Fiero Chassis to install the Artero kit. The Artero thus preserves the GM-engineered structure for safety while transforming the mid-engine Fiero into an exotic sports car.

A comprehensive printed assembly manual comes with the kit as well as a CD-ROM detailing the assembly of the car, with color photos and text.

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