The XTC/gt's aerodynamic design cuts through the air with power and grace. Each XTC/gt is built using only the finest materials available. The hand laid process used is recognized as the highest quality procedure in fiberglass manufacturing to date. Although time and labor intensive, the process assures each XTC/gt will be of the highest standards. All pieces are finished in gray primer gelcoat. The XTC/gt kit includes 13 easy to install body panels. All original, factory style innerliners. No secondary fabrications are needed.

The XTC/gt was designed and engineered by Tom Clark, a former Maserati Dealer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The XTC/gt is now owned, manufactured and marketed by PISA. The XTC/gt kit is a bolt-on kit requiring no cutting or welding of the Fiero chassis. It uses Corvette tail lights. The stock Fiero roof is reused.

Estimated installation time is 180 hours.

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